Management & Strategy Consulting

General questions regarding the domains of climate, sustainability and energy often require extensive expert knowledge, an experienced view of the overall context as well as experience in dealing with decision-makers. Here, FutureCamp is your ideal partner. We have both classical consultancy competence in strategy processes design, as well as extensive knowledge and experience. Whether you require the development of a corporate strategy for climate, energy efficiency or sustainability, the development and positioning of political topics, or simply business development: Our services are as diverse as your requirements.

Sustainability and Climate

FutureCamp supports companies and institutions to develop holistic sustainability and climate strategies and comprehensive climate risk management.

Climate change poses a challenge of global significance. Companies, public institutions and local bodies are affected in different ways by international, domestic and regional trends. Climate regulatory frameworks and the development of new markets are leading to a shift in the competitive environment. This generates demand for new products and opens additional sales channels for existing products. There are, however, also risks for existing business.

This makes strategic assessment and planning essential for surviving in the competitive environment and hedging against future risks. A broad selection of climate mitigating measures are thus essential components of any proactive strategy.

  • Conceptual design of comprehensive sustainability and climate strategies: targets, processes, elements, measures taking into account the entire environment, including framework conditions, e.g. of a regulatory nature or requirements for or from the financial sector (e.g. Sustainable Finance, EU taxonomy, Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Creation of scenarios and GHG reduction pathways for companies and public clients and definition of action plans
  • Vulnerability and materiality analyses
  • Development of comprehensive risk management pertaining to sustainability and climate issues and its communication
  • Development of adaptation strategies to climate change
  • Climate and Energy:
    • Evaluation and use of CO2 market mechanisms as well as financial transfer and support mechanisms related to emissions, energy consumption and production
    • Strategieansätze zur Erreichung definierter Klimaschutzziele unter Berücksichtigung von Fuel-Switch-Ansätzen, Technologiewechsel und Energieeffizienzmaßnahmen

Project Highlights:
Uniper SE
We support Union Investment in the development of a company and product related ecological climate strategy, including formulation of climate protection goals, definition of reduction measures and definition of a compensation strategy.

Union Asset Management Holding AG
We support Union Investment in the development of a company and product related ecological climate strategy, including formulation of climate protection goals, definition of reduction measures and definition of a compensation strategy.

Download:Flyer Klimastrategie

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Transformation Concepts

For companies and associations, transformation concepts for greenhouse gas neutrality are important foundations for decisions as well as the concrete implementation of measures.

FutureCamp-BAFA-Transformationskonzepte-Klimaneutralitaet CO2 reduction and climate pathways provide orientation and combine elements from strategically focused scenario analyses with operational options for action. They are based on an carbon footprint and include concrete measures, their costs and benefits, as well as essential implementation requirements.

Especially in the case of transformation concepts for greenhouse gas neutrality (often also called roadmaps) for companies, the focus is on site-specific analyses, as well as individual cost considerations and opportunity/risk assessments.

Frequently, internal "carbon management" and related instruments also occupy a broader space. In addition, there are overlaps with reporting obligations. This is a broad field that requires the companies' own commitment as well as expert and broad support.

At the beginning of a roadmap development process, a comprehensive workshop is held to clarify goals, fields of action, assumptions, hurdles and relevant framework conditions. On this basis, we create a concrete and custom-fit offer for your company. Feel free to contact us:

Funding opportunities for transformation concepts and greenhouse gas balances

As of 01.11.2021, BAFA has expanded the "Energy Efficiency in Business" funding program with Module 5 "Transformation Concepts" to support companies' own transformation. Take advantage of this funding of a maximum of €80,000 for the development of your company-specific climate neutrality roadmap. We will be happy to support you in the preparation and accompany the application process at the project executing agency. Further information ...

Highlight Projects:

Studies and transformation concepts for associations (including chemicals, lime, lime sandstone, bricks, sugar): Here, we use different technology scenarios and GHG reduction pathways to show how a transformation of the respective sector towards GHG neutrality can be achieved. Our publicly available roadmaps for associations can be found on our website under Publications.

GHG reduction pathways and strategies for, among others, energy utilities, state administrations, housing associations as well as various industrial companies from the waste, service, paper, production sectors, e.g. Borealis Polymere, Covestro, OMV, Saarstahl, STEAG New Energies

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Work in Official Bodies and Networks

An important basis for our strategic services is the active involvement in networks and committees and participation in conferences and panels.

We are in constant dialogue with important players from politics, business and civil society. We are regularly represented at international conferences, discussion forums and the UN World Climate Conference. Results of such conferences are summarized in evaluations, position papers or reports.

"Since 2001, for example, we have been contributing directly to the design of emissions trading and other climate protection mechanisms through our work in the secretariat of the 'German Working Group on Emissions Trading to Combat Climate Change' and through studies and international conferences."

Dr. Roland Geres is co-founder of FutureCamp. He has many years of experience in all regulatory, economic and organizational aspects of climate protection, emissions trading and project-based instruments. He is involved in many conferences and professional events as a lecturer, panellist or contributor to the conceptual design. He participates in consultancy projects and studies with political relevance in Germany and abroad. He is also active in the “German Working Group on Emissions Trading” at the interface between German industry and other stakeholders and politicians, and is actively involved in the further development of the topic.

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Global Climate Governance

The experts of FutureCamp have developed an analytic approach to realize strategic and operational implications early on. This approach encompasses the complex entirety of developments in climate policy known as Global Climate Governance.

Our consulting service “GCG Update” (Global Climate Governance Update) implies a continuous screening of global developments in climate policy with a clear focus on corporate aspects of interest. It also includes a continuous evaluation of progress in Global Climate Governance. GCG Update enables you to realize developments in Global Climate Governance relevant to your business early on in order to improve assessments of opportunities and risks in operational business, strategic planning and the analysis of competitors.

GCG Update is delivered on a regular basis, adapted to the customer specific needs, and is available in German and English.

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GCG update, available in German or English, covers:

  • The world climate conferences (COPs) with pre-evaluation, immediate analysis (available on Monday after conference end), detailed analysis with impact assessment (options: GCG industry impacts; GCG financial industry impacts)
  • Progress in interim negotiations and in important informal events
  • Relevant developments on other EU activity levels and in selected states

Additional services

  • "First Hand" – interim conference reports, also to pass on to clients, e.g. on daily basis
  • Workshops with FutureCamp experts, e.g. for internal use or to provide access to "First-Hand" evaluations to your clients
  • Targeted research and client-specific analysis of key topics
  • Slides for internal use or distribution to clients
  • Background material on key topics

Project Highlight:
Covestro AG
Already before the spin-off of the Bayer AG company, we were a constant companion and sparring partner for sustainability issues with a special focus on international and national climate protection policy and the ensuing risks and opportunities. For an energy-intensive company like Covestro, this also includes the tracking and evaluation of important regulatory developments in non-EU countries such as the People's Republic of China. We continue working on this process by contributing to concrete business activities.

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