Since 2001, FutureCamp has been advising various clients in all aspects of climate protection.

Since 2001, FutureCamp has been advising various clients in all aspects of climate protection: industrial companies and energy suppliers, SMEs and corporations, insurance companies and banks, governments and administrations, municipalities and NGOs. We are the market leader in EU emissions trading consulting services, supervising around 160 customers' facilities in the energy, industrial and aviation sectors. We will be happy to support you in all operational and strategic tasks allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

EU Emissions Trading

FutureCamp will support your participation in EU emissions trading operationally and strategically.

Emissions trading is the primary climate policy instrument in Europe. In Germany participation is mandatory for the operators of some 1,900 plants. New instruments like the market stability reserve, stricter allocation regulations and tighter benchmark standards will provide for a shortage of certificates as of 2019. FutureCamp can help you interpret these new decisions and find your right answers.

FutureCamp is among the most experienced and competent partners for companies in this business field. We support facility operators with a broad range of consulting services across the board:

  • Optimal application strategies for the allocation of EU emissions allowances including application with the Form Management System (FMS)
  • Carbon management: Defining and implementing long-term monitoring and emissions management systems
  • Emissions reporting and production reports
  • Communication with the German Emissions Trading Authority (virtual post office - VPS)

"In addition to operational support, our customers get significant added value in particular through comprehensive quality assurance, comparison of application data with all relevant allocation rules, review of special rules, observation of legislative developments and administration of the application process, as well as our role as a contact and discussion partner for emissions trading-specific issues."

Thomas Mühlpointner is a member of the management of FutureCamp Climate. He is an expert in all questions around the EU ETS and, since starting work for FutureCamp in 2003, he has supported facility operators regarding European emissions allowance trading.

Grillo Werke AG
When it comes to emissions trading, Grillo Werke have put their trust in FutureCamp. Among other things we support Grillo Werke in CO2 certificate trading and filing applications for preserving electricity price compensation.

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Electricity Price Compensation

FutureCamp supports companies with intensive electricity consumption in filing applications for preserving electricity price compensation.

For the period 2013-2020 and beyond, electricity-intensive industries can be compensated for the costs ensuing through CO2 emissions trading in the EU, which are passed on to them indirectly through the electricity price.

We prepare the data for entry in the required software (Form Management System FMS) and finalize the application. We can also take over the electronic communication with the German Emissions Trading Authority DEHSt via the virtual post office (VPS).

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Union registers & CO2 market activities

FutureCamp is your competent partner in all matters relating to emission certificates.

EU emissions trading poses new challenges and tasks in many economic sectors. The monitoring and analysis of the climate and energy policy developments as well as the CO2 market are of strategic and operational importance. They have implications for the CO2 management and procurement strategy.

Managing the company’s CO2 position and an appropriate procurement strategy represent a key factor in remaining competitive, realising opportunities and hedging against future risks. This applies to plant operators, as well as project developers, financial institutions and stock exchanges.

This is why we support you in both the mandatory and the voluntary markets:

  • Management of allowances accounts in the Union registry
  • Regular market information and customer-specific newsletter
  • Processing of trading transactions on the spot market for existing customers
  • Market monitoring and analysis, implications for procurement strategy
  • Definition of company-specific CO2 position (incl. scenario analysis if applicable)

"We have a broad portfolio of CO2 allowances from the voluntary market, e.g. VERs, Gold Standard VERs and VCUs from renewable energy projects, as well as CERs, from Asia and South America, etc. We attach particular importance to ensuring that our certificates come from projects that have been independently audited and, in addition to environmental benefits, bring additional social and economic benefits to the local population. Since we ourselves have developed over 100 VER, JI and CDM projects, we know what is important."

Dominik Glock is responsible for the business areas trading and research at FutureCamp. Since joining the company in 2006, he has been assisting customers in purchasing and selling emission certificates in EU emissions trading and for the voluntary market.

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Free Willy Market

Wie kaum ein anderes Unternehmen kennen wir alle Aspekte des freiwilligen CO2-Kompensationsmarktes seit dessen Entstehung.

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text english

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Project Mechanisms

FutureCamp can support you in finding suitable instruments for ambitious climate protection projects and their implementation.

The Paris Convention confirms and extends the market mechanisms to motivate the ambitions of national climate protection contributions as a sensible support instrument.

The leeway is now larger following the expansion of the former CDM into the Sustainable Development Mechanism and a new framework for cooperative approaches. Here the options for measures and activities are larger. At the same time, however, new challenges and tasks have appeared on the horizon.

Due to our long-term experience in the development and support of over 100 JI, CDM and VER projects, we are also right at home in the new mechanism and, as such, the right partner for the implementation of your climate protection project.

We will accompany you in current and future market mechanisms, from the evaluation of your project idea all the way to the marketing of the certificates. Where required, we will develop a custom methodology for your project.

"With Bayer, we developed the first CDM methodology of its kind in the agricultural sector for the approval of emission reductions associated with a change in the rice cultivation method. A traditional method used Asia-wide relies on continuous flooding of the rice fields with water. This leads to the emission of the greenhouse gas methane. By switching to direct sowing with only temporary flooding, labour and emissions can be reduced while crop yields remain constant. For the design of the project, we had to work with scientists, authorities and of course the farmers in Indonesia, as well as with the competent UN body. And we also had to learn how nature can limit our ambitions: we lost an entire season of methane emissions measuring in the fields due to a grasshopper plague."

Felix Nickel is a member of the management of FutureCamp Climate. He is responsible for international projects at FutureCamp and has developed numerous approaches for the implementation of CO2 reduction projects under the CDM and Gold Standard, in the field of renewable energies, in the chemical and agricultural sector.

Project highlight:
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety
FutureCamp contributed to the ongoing policy-making process for future burden-sharing in Europe with proposals for the use of project-based instruments.

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FutureCamp is a long-standing scoring and accredited consulting partner of CDP. We have excellent knowledge of the reporting format and support our customers with a wide range of services for successful participation.

A large number of investors and companies have come to see that climate change and its closely related topic areas of energy and raw material efficiency, renewable energies and forest conservation are increasingly becoming a key value driver for enterprises. These topics already now shape and change the development of entire industries and markets.

The CDP interviews companies on behalf of institutional investors on their handling of the various aspects of climate change. In focus are not only corporate emissions ("corporate carbon footprint") and reduction targets. More importantly companies also discuss their exposure to emerging threats and how they capitalize on new opportunities in this changing environment. For large companies participation is a must. But also medium or smaller companies benefit from applying the matrix of the questionnaire. In addition to the climate questionnaire, the CDP also uses dedicated surveys on water management and forest to help company report their management in these important areas. Ever more companies, in 2020 almost 10,000 make use of the CDP.

Participation pays off. On the one hand it clearly supports corporate investor relations. One the other hand it helps identify in-house areas with improvement potential. The principle objective here is to make a company and its business model future-proof.

On this avenue to sustained success FutureCamp supports companies with the following services:

  • Calculation of carbon and water footprints
  • Critical stocktake and formulation of responses/change management
  • "Response Check" for completeness and consistency of reporting
  • Identification of risks and opportunities
  • Further development of a corporate climate strategy incl. formulation of reduction targets, initiatives and broader decarbonisation strategies

    Our USP is our extensive hands-on expertise. As our CDP customer we offer you consultancy by expert teams that unite the strategic and operative implementation expertise your corporate situation requires now

Highlight CDP Results /A-List 2020:
Our customers are our success!

  • FutureCamp has in past years successfully supported altogether 8 of the 16 German Climate Leaders 2020.
  • With our structured support ThyssenKrupp Elevator managed to achieve a stunning "A" in her first reporting year.
  • Our long-standing customer Symrise is once again the top-rated company in Germany with a total of three "A" ratings.
  • We support the preparation of best scored CDP reports in all three formats, on climate, forests and water security.
    A place on the CDP's A-list is only achieved by companies that are leaders in their environmental performance. We are all pleased that many of the companies we support achieve top ratings on climate, water and forests.

Customer testimonials:
"FutureCamp has innovatively and strategically helped us make Symrise AG a pioneer in climate change, water and forests."
Dr. Helmut Frieden
"If you're striving for a top score, Future-Camp is the right partner for you. They don't let go until the answers are really good. And that pays off."
Brigitte Bichler, OMV

"At FutureCamp, we take a clearly sustainable approach to working with the CDP reporting format. We discuss with our customers not only response improvements […] but also improvements in substance. How can they better manage their risks and take advantage of the opportunities that arise? To facilitate this consultancy, we bring together excellent knowledge through our broad team of experts, including senior experts on CO2 inventories, emissions trading, energy management, climate policy or climate strategy process implementation."
Daniel Scholz, FutureCamp

Daniel Scholz is Head of CDP services at FutureCamp. He knows the CO2 markets with its "ups and downs" since 2008. He has since advised public authorities and numerous industrial companies on climate protection projects, CO2 pricing and emissions trading, as well as climate strategy and CDP reporting. He is frequent trainer and speaker on carbon pricing for various ministries and players internationally such as BMU, GIZ or The World Bank.

CDP Services by FutureCamp

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Carbon Footprinting & Emission Compensation

FutureCamp contributes to the climate protection efforts of companies and public institutions and quantifies them via greenhouse gas inventories.

Carbon footprints establish the relationship between specific activities and their respective climate impacts. They represent the starting point for any climate protection scheme – anything from individual measures to comprehensive climate strategies.

It is becoming increasingly important to determine the exact carbon footprint of a single product. Suppliers, in particular, are faced with this requirement more and more often on the customer side. If the customer also wants to use this information in his sustainability reporting, recognized standards must be used.

FutureCamp compiles footprints and inventories for institutions, products and events. We work in accordance with internationally accepted standards and use software tools that we have developed specifically for this purpose.

We support our customers in developing climate neutral products and emissions compensation strategies. We identify high quality climate protection projects and procure CO2 certificates for the emissions compensation.

"True to the motto 'do good and talk about it', we will help you quantify your carbon foot print and communicate your commitment to climate protection to the general public."

Sengül Weidacher ist bei FutureCamp Head of Carbon Footprining Services und berät seit 2006 öffentliche Auftraggeber und Industrieunternehmen in den Themenfeldern Carbon Footprinting, Klimaneutralität und Klimastrategie. Dies beinhaltet neben Projektleitungsaufgaben auch die Koordination und Entwicklung interner Prozesse und die Verfolgung nationaler und internationaler Entwicklungen in diesem Bereich. Sie verfügt über langjährige Projektleitungserfahrung bei der Konzipierung und Umsetzung von CO2-Bilanzen, der Entwicklung und Umsetzung von Klimastrategien sowie bei der Konzipierung und Durchführung von Informationsveranstaltungen und Workshops im Bereich des Klimaschutzes.

Project Highlights:
Emsland Group
We assist the food manufacturer with compiling the Corporate Carbon Footprint, the advancement of the climate strategy including the definition of a long-term CO2 target and with CDP reporting.
State administrations of Baden-Württemberg, Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Hesse and Thuringia
We assisted the state administrations in the preparation of CO2 opening balances and the development of reduction potential as well as reduction paths - with the aim of achieving climate-neutral state administrations.
Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection
Elaboration of the CO2 opening balance and reduction potentials as well as supporting the carbon offsetting of CO2 emissions of 2018

KlimaManufaktur: Climate protection thought through to the end!
Discover the services of our subsidiary KlimaManufaktur.
Climate neutrality through CO2 compensation: KlimaManufaktur GmbH offers products and services for the climate neutrality of private, business and municipal activities through CO2 compensation. On the one hand, you can quickly and easily purchase CO2 certificates from high-quality climate protection projects or ready-made standard products such as climate-neutral events, overnight stays or flights in our KlimaManufaktur webshop. On the other hand we would like to encourage you to calculate your carbon footprint and - where possible - reduce it. For this purpose we provide our Excel-based calculation tools free of charge:
1 Calculate
2 Reduce
3 Compensate
Climate protection thought through to the end!

Download: Flyer Carbon Footprinting, Flyer Emissions Compensation

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