What is climate offsetting?

In keeping with the motto, “First avoid internal emissions, then do external compensation,” the internal prevention of emissions becomes a key element of climate offsetting.

Step 4: Compensate remaining emissions
In order to compensate products, services or entire enterprises, a certain volume of emissions certificates is bought from emissions reduction projects. To ensure that certificates are not reused, they are retired upon purchase or struck from the registration accounts.

Step 5: Marketing climate offsetting measures
When an enterprise compensates its business activities, products or services, the respective measures should be communicated externally in a promotionally effective manner.
On the one hand, this serves to promote the organisation’s own activities for climate protection. On the other, the promotion of climate offsetting also serves to increase the credibility and transparency of the implemented measures. As such, it makes sense to communicate which climate protection projects have been invested in.

Applicable certificates
Basically, EU Emissions Allowances (EUA) and certificates from CDM and JI can be used for climate offsetting. In general so-called Verified Emissions Reductions (VER) that arise from voluntary emissions reduction projects are used. Considering the selection of appropriate certificates for the voluntary compensation of emissions, it is important to concentrate not only on the quality standard of a project, e.g. the Gold Standard, but also on the project’s eligibility. Compensation measures can be most effectively communicated when the emissions offsets stem from a sector similar to that of the avoided emissions and when these are in close proximity to the place of origin.

FutureCamp has been operating on the market since 2001 and has extensive experience.
Our support for companies and organisations includes:

  • Development of climate neutrality concepts,

  • Identification of emissions for compensation (carbon footprinting),

  • Selection and the assessment of mitigation measures,

  • Selection and the assessment of mitigation measures,

  • Documentation of measures

  • Marketing.

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