In addition to the provision of consulting services, FutureCamp is very active in the development of new business domains. Since 2001 we have taken up new developments from various sustainable growth fields, founded new companies and developed them successfully.

A number of national and international research and development projects and key patents laid the foundation for our technological expertise in the area of novel materials, in particular carbon nanofibres. The Bayreuth-based FutureCarbon was founded in 2002 on this basis.

The company specializes in the development and manufacture of carbon nanomaterials and their refinement to create what are called carbon supercomposites, primary products for further processing in industry.


As an experienced technical and innovative industry partner, FutureCarbon works conscious of and oriented on objectives, solutions and markets and supports its customers with broad-based consulting and service.

FutureCamp Holding supports FutureCarbon with its advisory board work and strategic consulting services.

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